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Point Of View Want Ad

Similar to a Point of View (POV) Madlib, a POV Want Ad reframes a design challenge and translates it into an actionable problem statement using a playful format. The POV Want Ad highlights a specific user and embeds the user, his or her need, and any insight about their POV into a want ad format.

Download Activity Worksheet

  • 10-15 minutes
  • Groups of 2-6
    • Flipchart paper
    • Markers/pens
  • Source: Adapted from Bootcamp Bootleg

What to do

  1. Create groups of 2-6 people.
  2. Define a design challenge a particular point of view would have.
  3. Have the groups write the descriptive characteristics of a user. For example, “a high energy teenager.”
  4. Follow the description with the word “seeks.” For example, “a high energy teenager seeks…”
  5. Complete the ad with the insights about the user’s point of view. For example, “a high energy teenager seeks awesome social network for managing their type 1 diabetes. Interests should include issues of societal importance (e.g. how much parents suck and why being a vegetarian is a good thing). Willingness to IM constantly during the school year is a MUST.”
  6. Once groups have an actionable problem statement, the statement can be used to start identifying solutions to the challenge.


  • What was it like to try to understand another’s point of view?
  • By defining the user’s need and a surprising insight about them, did it help you to better understand and articulate the problem?
  • How might you use a POV Want Ad in your day-to-day work in health care?
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