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Sometimes turning your thinking on its head can be the best thing to do when trying to generate new ideas and solutions to old problems. The banned exercise gets you to create future scenarios based on imagining a world in which a product, service or experience no longer exists. It explores how people might adapt in this situation to generate new ideas and creative solutions.

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  • 30 minutes
  • Groups of 6-8
    • Flipchart paper for storyboards
    • Markers
  • Source: Adapted from Media Lab Amsterdam; IDEO Method Cards

What to do

  1. Decide on a scenario to investigate. For example, a world in which there is no treatment for pressure ulcers.
  2. Determine time and scope for the scenario. For example, we begin when the patient enters the hospital pressure ulcer-free.
  3. Identify stakeholders. For example, patients, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, care aids, physicians, etc.
  4. Create a storyboard by drawing your scenario. How would you adapt in your new world in which there were no treatment options for pressure ulcers? For example, you may draw frequent turning of patients or any other wild and creative solutions. Try to generate as many adaptations as possible.
  5. Analyze the scenario through discussion. Explore your adaptations and how they might be put into practice.
  6. Summarize insights. Discuss your adaptations and people’s reactions to them. Are any possible to test or implement?


  • What did it feel like to imagine a world where a product, service or experience no longer existed?
  • Were you surprised by the ideas that you were able to generate?
  • How could you apply this learning/experience in your work?
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